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Cheri Parise


A Little About Me…
I am one of the founding partners of Profiles Styling Salon and have been a hairstylist for over 30 years. I am proud that we strive to continue our education at Profiles and attend the many classes we provide in our salon and outside beauty conferences. I pride myself on listening to my client’s wants/needs and suggesting what is best for their hair based on its texture, health, and thickness. I have a passion for people and love the art of being a hairstylist. I also greatly enjoy sharing my knowledge with my clients and recommending products to help them create their look at home. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and vacationing with them. I am also a die-hard Penguins hockey fan and can be found cheering on my team at most games. View my Instagram




A Little About Me…
I started my career in 1985 at a salon in Canfield, Ohio. After moving to Cranberry Township and starting a family I founded Profiles Styling with my business Partner Cheri. Furthering our education and staying up to date in an industry that is always evolving was important to me. I have attended a razor cutting class with Nick Arrojo, an Aquage masters class, a private class at the Wella Studio, and numerous other trade shows and classes in and out of the salon. My styles tend to be natural, casual, and customized to your features and lifestyle. I strive to bring out your natural beauty by considering your hair’s natural texture and growth pattern. I believe products are important to achieve any style, a great cut is one thing but using the right products is everything. I like to recommend products for my clients based on their hair type and daily routine. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my family and friends.



A Little About Me…
I have been at Profiles since 2001 and have been doing hair for 36 years! Continuing my education is one of the top priorities, over the years I have attended many classes including a razor cutting class with Nick Arrojo, an Aquage Masters class, and personal training at the Wella Studio in New York City along with countless in-salon classes. I enjoy working with fine hair and different highlighting and textured razor cuts but also enjoy doing timeless cuts and styles. I recommend professional products such as a great color-safe shampoo to all my clients to help prolong the life of their color and maintain the healthiness of their hair or a nice mousse to give the hair volume and bounce. I have a wonderful husband and two grown children. In my spare time, you can often find me at the gym or walking my two dogs.



A Little About Me…
I have been a stylist at Profiles since 2005 and have attended numerous trade shows and classes including a Masters Aquage class and a private class at The Wella Studio in New York City. My styles tend to be long and flowy with soft layers. I like to create movement and bounce within the hair. My favorite way to accomplish this is through a channeling technique. I believe the foundation is key to any great hairstyle so I’m always recommending products to my clients that will help them achieve the style they are looking for. In my hair I like to start off with Sebastian Penetrait shampoo and conditioner: being a blonde my hair tends to be on the dry side and this shampoo and conditioner provide a great start to hydration. I follow up with the Aquage Silkening Oil to help cut down my blow dry time and give me a soft silky finish with lots of shine.




A Little About Me…
I have been at Profiles since 1998 and have been a stylist for 30 years. During my time at Profiles I have attended a countless number of educational classes including a razor cutting class with Nick Arrojo, private training at the Wella Studio in New York City, Bi-monthly in-salon Wella classes, Sebastian on-trend color classes, and multiple trade shows. My objective when doing hair is to attain the style and color best suited to my client’s wants and needs that also bring out the best in her/his personality and looks. This includes figuring out what works best with their hair type, facial shape, skin tone, and eye color while taking into consideration what they prefer so I can bring out the best in each individual. Once the desired style is achieved, I always recommend professional products for them to help maintain their color and style between appointments. I have lived in Cranberry for 35 years and am married with 3 daughters and a granddaughter. I am lucky to be able to say that I genuinely enjoy my job and the great people I meet and have had the opportunity to get to know.



Artist & Manicurist

A Little About Me…
I have been at Profiles since December 2009 and have been a stylist for 9 years. Throughout my career, I have attended various educational classes such as a private class at the Wella Studio in New York City, various tradeshows, and in-salon classes with Wella, Sebastian, and Aquage. My styles tend to be trendy, light, simple, and practical. I love using any type of oil in the hair because it creates a smooth and frizz-free finish to the hair. My favorites are Aquage Silkening Oil, Wella Oil Reflections, and Sebastian Dark Oil. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors and spending time with family and friends.




A Little About Me…
I have been at Profiles since September 2008 and have been an esthetician for 31 years. I became an esthetician because very early in life I was attracted to the beauty industry and becoming someone capable of helping individuals in ways not possible with other careers. Helping people look good also makes them feel good which in turn makes me happy knowing that I can help them achieve their skincare goals. With the advancements in skincare and Bioelements (our skincare line at the salon), there is so much I have learned thru industry magazines, books, blogs, monthly webinars, and in-salon private Bioelements classes with top educators. Some of my favorite products are Bioelements Quick Refiner for eyes which I use 2-3 times a week at night to keep my eye area hydrated and diminish the appearance of lines. Bioelements Plump Start which you use two times a day to hydrate and smooth skin. Plump Start improves fullness and smooths out fine lines. In addition, Bioelements Lightplex Megawatt Skin brightener which has helped me with my hyperpigmentation and previous UV damage. It makes the overall appearance of your skin brighter. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, husband, and friends. I love working in my yard, reading, and knitting. I especially love vacationing at the beach where I can totally relax listening to the sounds of the ocean!




A Little About Me…
I have been styling hair for 10 years, I got into the industry because I love helping people feel and look their best from the inside out and it fulfills my need to create! I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to further my education by attending hair shows and in-salon classes. I love working with all different hair types and textures but truly enjoy working with fine and short hair! I also love corrective color and updos! I believe in the importance of educating clients on the proper products and tools to help them achieve and maintain their hairstyle. Some of my favorites are Sebastian Volupt Spray to help build weightless volume and texture to the hair and Aquage Silkening Oil to retain moisture, speed up drying time, and for thermal protection. In my spare time, you’ll probably find me cooking, playing music, and spending time with my husband and son! View my Instagram



A Little About Me…
Caitlin has been with Profiles since September of 2021 but has over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Over the years she has kept up with all of the different coloring and cutting trends by continuing her education and attending hair shows. She most recently attended one in Washington D.C promoted by “Behind the Chair”. She enjoys cutting both men’s and women’s hair and her color styles tend to be everything from natural “lived in” balayages to bold fashion colors. To help with everyday styling of her beautiful looks she always recommends either a good smoothing serum or for an edgier look a texturizing product to create beautiful, full and fun hair. When she is not working she loves hiking and camping with her two rescue dogs Odin and Zion. She also has a love for live music and singing.



A Little About Me…
Cecilia has been an assistant at Profiles since February of 2022. She attended Bella Capelli Academy to earn her cosmetology license. From a young age she has always loved to do everything beauty related and can’t wait to share her love for it with the world. Some of her My favorite things to do are nail services including gel nails and nail art. She always enjoys working with curly hair and using the latest coloring techniques. In her spare time you can catch her at the live theater enjoying a show or listening to music.



Stylist & Manicurist

A Little About Me…
I have been at Profiles since February 2016 and have attended in-salon classes through Wella and Sebastian and traveled to other trade shows and specialized classes. The styles I love doing are textured bobs, color applications with lots of dimensions, special occasion styles along with Gel manicures. Some of my favorite products are the Sebastian Dark Oil which gives some volume and smoothes the hair and the new Wella Brilliance shampoo and conditioner which has a wonderful smell and protects your color-treated hair to extend the life and shine of your color. In my spare time, I love traveling, going to the beach, and camping. When I’m not doing those things, you can find me relaxing at home with my husband and our dog. View my Instagram



A Little About Me…
I strive to satisfy my clients by listening to and understanding their hair needs and the outcomes that they want to achieve. I specialize in hair cutting ,coloring ,highlites, and permwaves to beach waves. In addition to hair I also pro I use facial waxing services.
I have a wonderful family of 3 children and 4 grandchildren and my golden doodle Willow.
My husband Bob and I also have a home in Naples Florida that we vacation at, play golf and enjoy with our family vacations.
When I’m not working I love to exercise daily and spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking and spending time with my family.



A Little About Me…
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A Little About Me…
I am excited to learn more and give clients exactly what they want and desire. I love highlighting hair, and I could not live without purple shampoo. It leaves my hair looking lighter and fresh. The tea tree oil also helps hydrate the ends of my hair. I have a twin sister and two golden retrievers. In my free time, I enjoy siting by the pool and hanging out with my friends and family.